How Gearbunch generated $8.1K in 24 hours

Gearbunch is a women’s clothing brand that produces hand-sewn apparel with custom designs created on demand.

How Gearbunch generated $8.1K in 24 hours
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Using SMS to retain mobile users

Gearbunch is a leader in Facebook acquisition, but they were looking for a way to better retain mobile users – email engagement rates had continued to decline. Gearbunch needed a way to ensure that their customers were actually seeing promotional messages.

Solution and results

Gearbunch used Postscript to send promotional campaigns (e.g., for Singles Day) directly to their mobile-first customers via SMS and MMS.

17% CTR

Clickthrough rates

$0.65 EPM

Earnings per message

17.2 ROAS

ROAS for BFCM campaign

Seriously this is the best SMS platform on the market.

“During BFCM, we spent $4k on a campaign through Postscript and generated over $69k in sales. That’s a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 17.2! That is almost unheard of in the ecommerce industry. Couldn’t recommend Postscript highly enough!"

Dan Nikas

Dan Nikas



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