Brands that work with Postscript Plus report up to 250%+ more attributed revenue.

Ready to go all-in on SMS, but don’t have the resources you need to do it right? Leave the heavy lifting to our product and messaging experts when you choose one of the three offerings from Postscript Plus—our in-house SMS marketing service for ecommerce brands and agencies.

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Postscript Plus: Launch

Extend your onboarding experience when you work with our team of texperts to receive best-in-class strategic campaign and copywriting support so you’re set up for long term success.

Consider Postscript Plus Launch if...

You need an extra set of hands to help migrate a robust SMS program, your new SMS point person needs onboarding, or you need help getting the swing of campaign creation and execution.

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Postscript Plus: Essentials

Own and manage your automations and popups while delegating strategic segmentation and campaign execution to our messaging strategists.

Consider Postscript Plus Essentials if...

You want to offload building and optimizing campaigns while still overseeing the rest of your SMS program.

Postscript Plus: Enterprise

Lean on our team to execute campaigns, write copy, build targeted segmentation, and integrate SMS into your existing marketing calendar and strategy.

Consider Postscript Plus Enterprise if...

You’re a lean and mean team looking for high-touch experts to help you execute a best-in-class SMS program so you can focus on other aspects of your ecommerce business.

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TJ Ferrara

TJ Ferrara, Co-founder

BUBS Naturals

“For the folks that are just generally operating on the reactive side of SMS, don’t. Just hire Postscript Plus…trust me, the revenue is gonna come in 10, 20, 30x that!”


Health & Wellness

Meet Your Team

With over 13,000 customers, 100+ partners, and billions of texts sent, our Postscript Plus team doesn’t just know best practices—we’re creating them.

Our services range from collaborating closely with your existing team to managing all aspects of your strategy and execution. Think of us as an extension of your own marketing team—because that’s exactly what we strive for. Learn more about us below.

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Copywriting Wizards

We set your brand apart with high-quality message copy and creative that seamlessly matches your brand voice.

SMS List Growth Experts

We continually optimize your list growth strategy to drive consistent new subscriber collection.

Messaging Strategists

We bring the latest SMS insights and best practices to your brand—and use them to maximize your results.

How We Help

Your tailor-made Postscript Plus program is built specifically for your needs, your audience, and your phase of growth. See our full service menu below.

Growth Strategy Sessions

SMS Copywriting

Campaign Calendar Creation

Custom Popups

Access to Beta Features

Whiteglove A/B Testing

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Did We Mention We Design Popups?

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Jean Baik

Jean Baik, Co-Founder 
and Chief Merchandising Officer

Shop Miss A

“We probably wouldn’t have had as much success without the help of Postscript Plus. They really held our hand through the entire process and helped to optimize our SMS program.”


Beauty & Cosmetics

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