Tired of coupon codes? You need CashBack.

With CashBack, you can offer bigger incentives that boost list growth and conversion rates, all without taking the same financial hit as traditional coupon codes.

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A discount alternative that’s a win-win for brands and shoppers


Increase in list growth


Welcome series revenue increase


Contribution margin gains
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Coupon codes are just not cutting it anymore

You’re already giving away a lot of money in discounts. Your coupons are getting leaked to discount sites. And shoppers are just not as excited about 10% off as they used to be.

Switch to CashBack and see the immediate impact to your bottom line

With CashBack, shoppers choose to redeem the discount after purchase as cash or as a gift card to your store, driving repeat purchases. And since CashBack is more profitable than coupon codes, you can afford to offer bigger incentives that drive higher results.


Compare your current offer to CashBack

This calculator does not show the boost in list growth and conversion rate that our merchants see when they switch to CashBack. It only shows a conservative estimate in the difference in profitability that you could expect. Talk to our team to get a full breakdown of these results.

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We recommend doubling your offer for best results.

Revenue Improvement
Bottom Line Gain
Contribution Margin Gain

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True Classic grew profit margins by 4.6% with CashBack

Like most clothing brands, True Classic operates with slim profit margins. Their team is hyper-focused on optimizing profit and loss above all else. Once Ben Yahalom, President of True Classic, realized discount codes may be doing more harm than good, he set out to find a new solution.


Increase in Welcome Series Revenue


Lift in email and SMS sign-ups


Boost in profit margins
Ben Yahalom

Ben Yahalom, President of True Classic

True Classic

“We learned that consumers love CashBack offers and that we end up with a more profitable income statement as a result. It was such a win-win for us.”

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