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“Their customer service is stellar because they are super responsive and helpful…use it, use it, use it—it's super easy to set up and use on a regular basis, and it makes a TON of money for your business!”

Madeleine D.

Ecommerce Ops Manager

Best experience EVER!

“I am so happy I decided to use Postscript. It came highly recommended to me and several team members personally reached out to help me get set up! Within a day, I was generating additional sales for my ecommerce company.”

Joel P.

Director of Marketing


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“There are so many amazing things that I love about Postscript! I love that I have automations set up so my customers are getting text messages and I'm making money all the time. I love that I can personalize all of my text messages and they are SO easy to create and send! I love that I have two way communication and my customers can text me right back!”

Kelly B.

Small Business Marketer

Best customer service team and SMS app on the market

“Stay profitable with Postscripts. It's user friendly, has strong integrations with Klaviyo and Wheelio, and it's so easy to create and send campaigns.”

Eric J.