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Chris Hall

Chris Hall, Senior Marketing Manager

Bruce Bolt

“If you do SMS marketing, you should be in @PostscriptIO"


Fitness & Outdoors

Erica Aarons

Erica Aarons, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Rex Specs

"Postscript has helped us elevate our customer experience. We don’t just use SMS to send campaigns and make sales, but also to educate customers about training and educate people who haven’t converted about why their dog needs our product."


Fitness & Outdoors

Brock Mammoser

Brock Mammoser, CEO

Frost Buddy

"Postscript: The only SMS I’d ever recommend. Sales people here are genuine friends now. Every person I’ve met at this company is a great human and they care about being a partner."


Lifestyle & Home

Zoe Kahn

Zoe Kahn, Co-host of the Oopsie Podcast & Sr. Associate of CX


“Stay profitable with Postscripts. It's user friendly, has strong integrations with Klaviyo and Wheelio, and it's so easy to create and send campaigns.”


Food & Beverage