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See how home & lifestyle brands on Postscript are using SMS to convert shoppers, increase customer retention, and improve customer support.

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Crush your product launch and sales targets

The almost-instantaneous open rates of SMS make it the perfect channel to announce your latest product launch or flash sale.

Limited edition collection? Send a text to your most loyal customers first and give them exclusive early access.

Turn hesitant shoppers into raving fans

Getting shoppers to the first purchase is the most important step. But after signing up to your SMS list, they might still need a bit of convincing.

Browse abandonment, cart abandonment, or welcome series automations are all opportunities to educate and nurture customers.


Build loyalty with educational content and rewards

Turn a one-time purchaser into a loyal customer through post-purchase education and loyalty rewards.

Use post-purchase automations to send product use and care instructions. Take it a step further by sending promotions and reminders about your loyalty reward programs over SMS.

See real results from brands in your industry

The data doesn’t lie: home and lifestyle brands are seeing amazing results using Postscript and SMS marketing. We aggregated data from thousands of ecommerce stores using SMS and published the findings in our yearly SMS Benchmarks Report. Here’s what we found:

  • Unsubscribe Rate: 3.3% average unsubscribe rate across all home and lifestyle brands. Our segmentation and personalization capabilities keep your unsubscribe rates low.

  • Click Through Rate: 16% average clickthrough rate across all home and lifestyle brands. Boost engagement with open rates and clickthrough rates that make other marketing channels jealous.

  • Earnings Per Message: $5-$20 EPM on abandoned cart automations across all home and lifestyle brands. Unlock SMS as one of your top revenue-driving channels.

Check out the full benchmarks report for your industry.


Unsubscribe Rate Average across all campaigns and automations


Clickthrough Rate Average across all campaign and automation types


Earnings Per Message Average EPM on abandoned cart automations

Provide support in two-way conversations

Use SMS to engage in conversations with customers. Provide support and gather customer feedback—all over text.

Manage text conversation using our Responses feature or integrate Postscript with Gorgias, Zendesk, or another help desk platform of your choice.

Collect product reviews

Customers on your SMS list are highly engaged with your brand. Who better to ask for a product review?

Integrate Postscript with Okendo, Swell, or Junip to send automated review requests over text.

Lifestyle Shipping Notifications Bite

Send shipping notifications

Keep customers informed on the status of their shipment. With SMS, they’ll never miss a notification.

Set up SMS shipping notifications using data from your Shopify account or integrate Postscript with AfterShip, Wonderment, or another shipping and logistics platform (via our custom integration).

Michael Nusinkis

Michael Nusinkis, Founder

Luxor Linens

"Postscript is a great marketing tool and on a customer basis, it can definitely be a better converter than e-mail. Super-fast customer service and more than once the quality control has saved us. Great platform that we definitely recommend."


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