New SMS funnel leads to 13,004 purchases for NuSkool

NuSkool is committed to providing healthy, on-the-go snacks with their MCTBar. Available for one-time and subscription purchases online, MCTBars range from breakfast bundles to dessert packs. NuSkool recently partnered with electrIQ marketing to grow their SMS list with targeted social ads.

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Four clicks to purchase with electrIQ marketing and Postscript

Brandon Amoroso, the founder and CEO of electrIQ marketing, wanted to streamline conversions for NuSkool and make it as easy as possible for customers to complete a purchase.

Before switching to Postscript, NuSkool was collecting email addresses on mobile—encouraging email sign-ups with a product discount code. But, new subscribers had to switch between apps and click a few links before completing a purchase, which led to fewer conversions. To make the mobile experience seamless, they decided to scrap email capture entirely and opt for phone numbers instead. Brandon explains:

“With SMS capture on mobile, it's four clicks before you can purchase. Whereas if you do email capture on mobile, it's eleven, and then you have to jump back and forth from different apps. Even if we weren't necessarily getting as many people to give up their contact information, SMS was higher converting.”

Brandon Amoroso

Brandon Amoroso, Founder and CEO

electrIQ marketing

"Reply to buy is a powerful tool for increasing the customer lifetime value and average order value."


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Solution and results

NuSkool and electrIQ marketing chose Postscript over Klaviyo because of its reply and recharge tools.

Here are three choices that have impacted their success with SMS:

  1. Post-purchase segmenting. After customers make a purchase through the mobile offer, they’re added into a post-purchase SMS flow with Postscript. Specific to the initial offer, customers receive automatic SMS messages guiding them to return for an additional purchase. With Postscript’s automatic flow, they’ve seen 5.5% repeat purchases from this targeted social ad alone.

  2. Improved content development. As NuSkool builds engagement across SMS and email, they’re going beyond introductory discounting. Instead, they’re building transparency into their content by tying discounts to specific costs (such as shipping or the cost of a product). Brandon says: “Content dictates our email and SMS strategy. It dictates everything that we do because content is so important in differentiating one brand versus another.”

  3. A conversational approach. Because NuSkool’s target audience is accustomed to conversational forms of marketing and SMS, NuSkool runs campaigns to prompt responses from customers and open lines of communication. Asking questions through SMS gets customers responding more and creates a two-way conversation, helping NuSkool to develop long-term relationships with customers.


New customers attributed to SMS


Conversion rate on SMS Campaigns
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A seamless checkout process

Overall, having a seamless checkout process for customers has paid off. So far, 13,004 new customers have purchased the MCTco bar, and 7% have repeated their purchase.

To learn how you can set this up for your store, electrIQ made a walkthrough YouTube video. Check it out here.

Free 30-day trial: ElectrIQ marketing has partnered with Postscript to offer a free, fully-managed 30-day SMS trial for all Shopify users.

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