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Acquisition is the rate at which you gain new subscribers through a variety of different opt-in methods, and it is paramount to the total value of your SMS program. A bigger SMS list is the tide that raises all other metrics! Here are some fundamental ways to make sure you’re optimizing your list growth:

Run a Giveaway Using Keywords
The Power of Back in Stock Notifications

Revenue per message

Spending time on a thoughtful, personalized SMS program will help drive higher revenue per message and avoid burning out your subscriber list. A lot of variables factor in to high-earning texts, and testing is key to figure out what works for your brand and cucstomers. Below are some best practices to start hitting those campaigns out of the park:

How to Create and Use High Intent Subscriber Segments Thumbnail
A/B Test Send Times & Dates Thumbnail
Create a browse abandonment retargeting automation
Create an Abandoned Checkout retargeting animation flow
Create a site abandonment retargeting automation flow
Collect subscriber preferences in a welcome series
Use subscriber tags to convert
Drive incremental revenue with Feastables segment templates
Create a cross-sell segment


Believe it or not, more message typically equals more revenue. Message volume is a key indicator of an SMS programs health, and while each brand is different, you don’t want to leave revenue on the table by being too timid.  Sending the right number of messages means finding the right sending cadence specific to your brand. Explore these short courses to learn more about message volume:

Create a Link Clicked Automation Thumbnail
Create a Welcome Series Using Subscriber Attribution Split Thumbnail
Perfecting the post-purchase automation
Build conversational SMS campaigns
Generate more revenue with a follow-up campaign
Build a holiday gift flow
Create an Interactive Survey
Use Trigger Event Splits for a multi-product post-purchase flow


Because subscribers are 5x more likely to opt out of your SMS program in their first 30 days than at any other point in the subscriber journey, it's important to understand how many subscribers you are retaining during that period. Keeping new subscribers engaged is key, so consider sending meaningful and timely messages early on in their journey—like an interactive welcome series or a personal product recommendation flow. Here are some additional resources to make sure you’re on the right track:

Create a Price Drop Automation Thumbnail
Managing Customer Responses
Re-Engage Lapsed Customers with a Sunset Automation Flow
Re-Engage Lapsed Customers with a Sunset Campaign
Deepen Brand Loyalty