How Shop Miss A turns out of stock products into new revenue opportunities with Postscript

Shop Miss A is the ultimate beauty shopping experience where customers can #justhavefun while not breaking the bank. Jean Baik created Miss A in 2013 in Dallas, TX. Today, they have over 300 employees and 15 brick and mortar locations.

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Why Postscript was the right choice for Shop Miss A

Jean Baik, Co-Founder and Chief Merchandising Officer of Shop Miss A, started seeing a lot of brands doing SMS marketing in 2020. She knew it was a big marketing channel that they were not utilizing. So in 2021, she signed on with Postscript.

“There were a lot of other beauty brands using Postscript so I felt confident that we would get the right support. It was our first time doing SMS so I wanted to have that help with setting up our campaigns and figuring out what to actually do with SMS. We decided to join Postscript Plus to be able to ramp up our SMS program a lot faster.”

Using SMS throughout the entire customer journey

With the help of the Postscript team, Shop Miss A has 21 SMS automations running, in addition to their regular cadence of SMS campaigns. While that seems like a lot of texts to be sending each month, the automations use Postscript’s extensive segmentation options to target just the right subscribers at key points in the customer journey. They’re targeting: winbacks, abandoned carts, new customers, post-purchase, loyal customers and more. With a strong focus on segmentation and using their unique, playful tone in their texts, Shop Miss A now regularly earns over $100,000 in monthly attributed revenue from SMS.

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Postscript's Back in Stock feature

One feature that Jean was especially excited about trying is Postscript’s Back in Stock automation and list-growth tool. This feature not only allows you to add high-intent shoppers to your list, but also gives you a powerful way to reclaim potentially lost revenue. And as of writing, being able to use Back in Stock as an acquisition channel in this way is unique to Postscript and not available on any other SMS platform.

Jean Baik

Jean Baik, Co-Founder and Chief Merchandising Officer

Shop Miss A

"Postscript’s Back in Stock is a great way for people to subscribe to our list even if they ignored our popups. I love that, instead of losing that shopper because the item is out of stock, we’re able to convert them into a subscriber."

Back in Stock Results

Shop Miss A has been using Shopify’s native back in stock notification emails for years. “Back in stock is really important for us because we have so many SKUs and a lot of products do sell out for us quickly. And then it can take us a while to restock, sometimes 3-4 months.” 

Although they found the email notification very successful, Jean felt that it was important to give shoppers more options for how they wanted to be notified. “Personally as a customer, I would prefer to sign up for a text alert more than an email,” she adds. With products that are out of stock, there’s an inherent FOMO that a brand can capitalize on. And a text alert allows high-intent shoppers to be the first to know when that item comes back in stock.

When Jean learned from her Postscript Customer Success Manager that a Back in Stock feature was in development, she volunteered to be part of the beta testers right away. 

After just 30 days of testing Postscript’s Back in Stock feature, Shop Miss A saw the following results:

  • Back in Stock accounted for 11.5% of all the new SMS subscribers acquired during that period

  • It became their 3rd most effective SMS subscriber acquisition channel, behind their main Keyword and opt-in form. 

  • The SMS automation earned 55% more revenue per message compared to their email notification: $2.55 EPM (earnings per message) on Back in Stock texts compared to $1.64 EPM on emails.


Of all the new SMS subscribers acquired through Back in Stock in 30 day period

Top 3

3rd most effective subscriber acquisition channel, behind their main Keyword and opt-in form


More revenue per messages compared to email. $2.55 EPM on Back in Stock texts compared to $1.64 EPM on emails
Jean Baik

Jean Baik, Co-Founder and Chief Merchandising Officer

Shop Miss A

"The experience that I've had so far with the Postscript team has been great. They really understood our brand voice and target customers from the beginning, helping us figure out what type of texts would work well. And we probably wouldn’t have had as much success if we were doing it on our own, without the help of the Postscript Plus program. They really held our hand through the entire process and helped us to experiment and optimize our SMS program."

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