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How True Classic drove 40% growth in automation revenue after using Onsite Opt-in

In the first week of using Onsite Opt-in, apparel brand True Classic saw a substantial impact on their SMS Marketing program. This switch in opt-in methods triggered a remarkable surge in both revenue and list growth metrics.



Growth in automation revenue in one week


Improvement in their acquisition rate
Adam Hutton

Adam Hutton, Associate Director, Owned Media

True Classic

“If you're on your phone and you're opting in, you don't have to leave to go anywhere. It makes a lot less friction for the experience, and ensures that the customers aren't going to be distracted on their purchase journey.” 

The Solution to Keeping Subscribers Onsite

True Classic, a hyper-growth apparel brand, knows how important list growth is to their marketing strategy. Adam Hutton, Associate Director, Owned Media, describes SMS as their second-largest marketing channel, and uses it for subscriber acquisition, converting new leads, and reengaging repeat customers. However, when using Klaviyo popups to opt-in new subscribers, they were seeing a massive dropoff between the number of people entering their phone number and confirmed sign ups. True Classic was looking for a method to keep customers on their site while compliantly adding new subscribers. Onsite Opt-in was the perfect solution.


Watching the Numbers Soar

True Classic's commitment to maintaining customer engagement and driving optimal conversion rates led to a focus on keeping customers onsite during the SMS opt-in process. When leading with a double opt-in method, they observed that their list wasn’t growing, which put their brand’s ambitious revenue and profit goals at risk. “We knew that the current way just wasn't working. So any new and fresh ideas from Postscript were always welcomed.” Adam said.

Recognizing the inherent challenges and potential drop-off points associated with traditional double opt-in methods, True Classic implemented Postscript's Onsite Opt-in. This change proved transformative, with the brand seeing over 3X improvement in their SMS acquisition rate, as well as a 40% boost in their automation revenue.

Keeping the Customer Journey Flowing

This streamlined approach not only boosted True Classic’s new subscribers, but it significantly reduced friction for users, ensuring they remained immersed in the site experience. True Classic understood that minimizing distractions during the customer's purchase journey was critical to conversion success. By integrating Onsite Opt-in, the brand successfully overcame the hurdle of customers leaving the site during the opt-in process, ultimately enhancing overall conversion rates and solidifying the brand's dedication to a seamless customer experience.


A BFCM Acquisition Powerhouse

During the pivotal Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) period, True Classic strategically harnessed the power of Onsite Opt-in to execute a highly successful marketing strategy. “We were able to grow our lists on those really critical days where we had our largest spend and sessions on the site, and see record breaking year to date list growth metrics,” says Adam.

With Onsite Opt-in seamlessly integrated into their SMS marketing approach, the brand experienced a surge in subscribers, recording the highest number of new leads throughout the year. Onsite Opt-in's swift and frictionless engagement process allowed True Classic to efficiently reach a broader audience during BFCM, delivering timely and impactful SMS messages. The results spoke volumes, as True Classic not only met but exceeded its BFCM goals, solidifying Onsite Opt-in as a linchpin in their successful holiday sales strategy.

Strengthening the SMS Marketing Channel

These impressive results not only validated Onsite Opt-in’s ability to drive higher engagement but also underscored its pivotal role in amplifying True Classic's attributed revenue and return on investment. Onsite Opt-in revitalized True Classic's SMS marketing channel and, more importantly, helped build a solid foundation for sustained business growth and profitability.


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