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Acquisition tools

Build and grow your SMS list with the help of Postscript.

Desktop and mobile popups

Collect both phone numbers and emails. Customize the design to match your brand, choose the type of incentive you want to offer, and select when and where on your site you want your popups to appear.


Create an unlimited number of text-to-join keywords to share across all your marketing channels. Use keywords to track opt-ins and revenue generated from different marketing channels or campaigns.

Checkout collection

Collect SMS subscribers on our checkout pages. This includes the Shopify and Shopify Plus checkout, ReCharge, Carthook, or a custom checkout page integrated with Postscript.

Landing page and opt-in form

Create a landing page with an SMS opt-in form that you can link to from email campaigns or social media posts. This includes two-touch technology on mobile.

QR codes

Create unique QR codes for your product packaging and in-person experiences that people can scan to opt-in to your SMS list.

Back in Stock

Grow your subscriber list with high-intent shoppers using Postscript's Back in Stock list growth tool and automation. When products on your site go out of stock, shoppers will see a link or banner to sign up for SMS notifications when the item goes back in stock. Instead of losing sales, you can gain a subscriber.

Integrations that take your list growth further

Use your favorite popup or form builder to collect SMS subscribers. Share subscriber data between Postscript and the rest of your tech stack.

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Acquisition channels

Promote your SMS list wherever your customers are.


Convert your social media followers into SMS subscribers by sharing your Keywords or opt-in forms in paid and organic content.

Social Media

Convert your social media followers into SMS subscribers by sharing your Keywords or opt-in forms in paid and organic content.


Convert your email marketing list into SMS subscribers to increase engagement and loyalty.

Product packaging

Convert SMS subscribers during the most exciting stage of the customer journey: the unboxing experience. Print your QR code or Keyword onto product packaging and inserts.


Convert shoppers into SMS subscribers at your retail locations or other in-person experiences.
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SMS Marketing Compliance

All of Postscript’s features and acquisition tools are hard-wired to follow guidelines set by the TCPA, mobile carriers, and other regulatory bodies where possible. For instance, we include automated compliance language on popups, opt-in forms, and checkout collection. For acquisition tools where it’s not possible to automatically include compliance language (such as Keywords) we provide clear guidelines in our platform and help articles. As compliance regulations evolve, so does our platform to help you stay compliant automatically. Learn more about compliance here.